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Xiao Bebe
Xiao Ben
Xiao Dan

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Xiao Bebe's Profile

Xiao Bebe
by ayl2
Type of Pet: Chinchillas
Breed: Other Breeds
Gender: Female
Birth Month: Mar 2007
Favourite Food Brand: Others
About Xiao Bebe
Bebe was surprise addition to the family. As I never thought that they will give birth... maybe both Xiao Ben and Dan wanted a "golden piglet" too...

As I had no ideas at that time that Dan is pregnant, so I was surprise when I reach home at around 11.30pm on 31st Mar, and wondering why Xiao Ben is so excited running about in his cage. And when he saw me, he keep running between me and Dan. Finding it strange in his behaviour, I looked at Dan and saw a tiny moving figure was under her.

Then it just running around the cage too, and back to its mother, then is when I realised that there is a new family member in the family. As both of them are using a bigger cage, so Bebe was able to climb through the cage, so I quickly setup the smaller cage and coming back to find Bebe missing... As I guessed, she had climbed out of the cage and was hidding under the TV console.

Finally after putting both Dan and Bebe into the small cage, I was feeling both worried and excited, as it was so late at night and I wasn't prepare for it. Luckily everytime turn out well, as Xiao Dan was a great mother, will always call to Bebe when it is feeding time and she will allow me to carry Bebe everyday.... Of course, her eyes was always looking at me when I carry her baby, making sure that we are not out of her sight.

Right now, Bebe is 7 months old. And she is very naughty and had a mind of her own. Whenever I carried her, she will nibble at my arms indicating that she wanted to go back to her cage. And she will always try to sneak out when I am changing her feeding bowl.

She likes to play with her mother and also like to sleep and play with her toy carrot.


Xiao Bebe's Photo Album
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Bebe at 4 days old

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