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Xiao Bebe
Xiao Ben
Xiao Dan

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Xiao Dan's Profile

Xiao Dan
by ayl2
Type of Pet: Chinchillas
Breed: Other Breeds
Gender: Female
Birth Month: Jun 2005
Favourite Food Brand: Others
About Xiao Dan
I bought her when she was just 3 months old... She had a pretty mother and a twin sister that time. And she doesn't know how to roll in her bath powder.... So I had basically had to bath her personally with the powder...

But surprising, her daughter, Bebe, know how to bath without teaching her how to...

She is more adverturous than her man, Xiao Ben. Although she is smaller in size as compared to him, she will always get what she wants...

And she is very friendly, always come to greet me by door of the cage and like to climb on my arms. And will sometimes push my hand away with her small hand if she doesn't want my hand to block her way...

Her favourites past time is to rest by the hang-mop and looks at what we are doing at home.


Xiao Dan's Photo Album
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Xiao Dan at 3 months old
Enlarge Photo
Xiao Dan on the right, Xiao Ben on the left

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