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Latest Shoppe Place Reviews
   Ricted Kennels (The Animal Resort) » Ricted Kennels provides very outstanding pet export service and has done an excellent job ...
   All Breeds Pets » Rude and bad service. Expensive products priced above market. Don't go. Pet Channel only allows a minimum of ...
   K9 Pawzabilitiez » Fred is very professional in dog training. He is very caring and gives very sincere advice to dog owners on ...
   Amber Veterinary Practice Pte Ltd » Very professional vet. Had first vaccination with Dr Jessica. explained to me everything wh...
   Allpets & Aqualife Clinic » deworming tablets and consultation is $88. way overpriced. will never go there again. exorbitant....
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03:28pm »  Dog groomer » I live in sengkang and is looking for a groomer that goes out to owner house and groom the dog. Cutting of n...
09:31am »  Dog Breeding/mating????!?! » Breeding is not encouraged in the forum. thanks....
08:50pm »  Dog Breeding/mating????!?! » Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've been looking and asking all over the place how can I mate ...
08:27pm »  Dog adoption (Choosing a dog) » Wow, thank you all for the detailed advice and replies. To be honest, I did not expect th...
11:15am »  Dog adoption (Choosing a dog) » "tanjamiee" love your quote "There's no bad dog , only a bad owner" !!! Believe & live b...
09:44am »  Tick /Flea collar - How effective is it ??? » Btw... Vinegar must dilute. else ure dog's skin might be irritated. How a...
09:39am »  Tick /Flea collar - How effective is it ??? » Quote: Hmm from what I know, the well known as popular tags are catandog ...
09:07am »  Tick /Flea collar - How effective is it ??? » I'll b very frank. The mere act of spamming the whole forum tryin to sell y...
08:52am »  Dog adoption (Choosing a dog) » Btw.... i know someone who picked up a litter of mongrel pups who were orphaned due to roa...
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Meimei (4 yrs 9 mths old)
Pomeranian, Female
Active and a bravo. Dare to protect my sister when my mum scold her. Thus my mum...
Lele (7 yrs 1 mth old)
Jack Russell Terrier, Male
Toilet trained DOB : sep 2007...
MICKEY (6 yrs 4 mths old)
Jack Russell Terrier, Male
Not as hyper active as the normal jrt. Need attention, very attached to human. G...
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11:11pm »  Pet friendly condos / areas in Singapore » Welcm to S'pore. The agent'll be the bst prson to guide you. Est coast hs the ...
10:43am »  List of pet friendly places *updated* » Legal answer is NO. Dog Must be leashed in Public areas at all times. However, m...
12:34pm »  List of pet friendly places *updated* » Can my dogs walk off-leash in the east coast park ??...
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