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   Companion Animal Surgery » Their price is high, but we had a regular vet takes care of them well and we recommend/ Unfortunatel...
   Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital » Dog had bloody diarrhoea and after check up at Mt Pleasant Serangoon North, we got back our do...
   Companion Animal Surgery » Unfriendly staff, rough handling of my dog causing him to yell in pain during x-ray. Vet recommended...
   Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital » I initially chose this company due to the significantly lower cost of my dog's medication. The...
   Joy Doggy Pet Shop » Popped by to get food supplies for our dog when we were in the area. They have quite a lot of products ava...
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09:32pm »  How to get Hdb's approval for Welsh Corgi » oh reallyy so theres no hope but thanks for replying anyways ...
11:18am »  How to get Hdb's approval for Welsh Corgi » Previous owners appeal because they downgraded their housing from private to H...
05:27pm »  looking for dog sitter @ simei » Dear Members I am looking for a pet sitter to 'babysit' office hours mon to fri . Curren...
11:51am »  Miniature Bull Terrier - Adoption / Purchase » Hope message not too late. Anyway looking for pet dogs will need patience ...
10:41am »  How to get Hdb's approval for Welsh Corgi » Hi! I plan to get a Welsh Corgi at the end of this year but I know that it is ...
08:21pm »  Emotional Support Animals on Airplanes » Emotional Support Animals are allowed on commercial airplanes, as long as they ha...
03:59pm »  Encountered a funny name » Hi Everyone, I cannot find my previous account's password so that I have to register another on...
03:22pm »  Frequency of full blood tests » Sorry, reasonable for me might not be reasonable for you. Do read up on the various exper...
10:23am »  Ear redness??? » Quote: Hi! Thanks for ur help! I went to a vet at jalan kayu and found out she is diagnosed with yeast...
10:29am »  Relocation to Beijing, China » Hi are you in beijing now? i am considering for a position there , might be there in nov n ...
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Pansy (9 mths old)
Local, Female
She is gentle and keeps to herself most of the time, unlike other pups at 8 mont...
Jon Jon (6 mths old)
Local, Male
Poor baby Jon Jon is seem to be growing a frown. Just only 5 months young and al...
Zoey & Joey (2 mths old)
Local, Female
Seperated at birth and reunited just 2 days ago, Zoey and Joey instantly fell in...
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Max by samantha05

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Hunter by adela900
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11:49am »  Message to all my furry minions. » Just me. Visit my instagram @babybanditocat Edited by babybanditocat on Aug ...
11:08pm »  Dog-friendly room for rent? » Hi there! Looking for max 2 people to share a rented flat in the WEST of Singapore. Dogs...
04:45pm »  Dog-friendly room for rent? » Hi, im looking to rent a room for me and my 2 toy poodles for 6 months as im waiting for my ...
09:09pm »  ANYBODY PUTTING PUG FOR ADOPTION? » Hi, I've been thinking about it for awhile and I want to keep a pug. I've been to pa...
09:05pm »  Intereted in adopting/buying pug » Hi, I've been thinking about it for awhile and I want to keep a pug. I've been to pas...
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