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Health, Conditions & Diseases » Malpractice of Vet May 14, 2015 12:07 AM (Total replies: 77)
why till now still no clinic and vet name... we are all waiting but u just keep complaining about how the vet practice. I am puzzle and confuse of wat the truth are. sorry for being straight forward.

Feedbacks » adopt instead of buying Dec 10, 2014 08:38 AM (Total replies: 39)
A pet is a life too. How can you put a deposit on a puppy then decide it is not the pup u want then want to ask for refund due to ur own stand. Even if u go any where put a deposit, there is no a refund. I am so glad u just put a deposit and never buy if not I can't imagine what will happen to the poor pup. Please wake up.
Edited by skyylite on Dec 10, 2014 at 08:41 AM

Dog Boarding, Sitting and Taxi » Dog boarding place Oct 20, 2014 12:59 AM (Total replies: 65)
Can try Mitchville Pets Resort. Price reasonable and friendly staff.

Behaviour & Play » Dog barking when we go out - Separation Anxiety? Feb 14, 2014 10:17 PM (Total replies: 29)
can try Adaptil. I use it in my Gan jiong spider pup
and it really calm them down and doesn't bark much

Doggie News & Discussions » Miniature Schnauzer in Singapore Feb 3, 2014 01:45 AM (Total replies: 10)
can try pets station at serangoon north. they do have MS.

Diet, Nutrition & Supplements » Watery stool Jun 15, 2013 12:42 AM (Total replies: 6)
Please do not deworm a puppy with watery stool as it might be worse and the puppy
Might not be able to take it. Try using 250 ml of water, a table spoon of brown sugar
And a small pinch of salt to let ur puppy drink. It will slowly stop the wet stool. And
Please stop all the supplement as it will get the matter worse. If ur puppy doesn't want
to drink the water, u can also try giving cook rice water with brown auger and a pinch of salt. It works very well for all my 7 weeks old puppies with bloody and wet stool. My stop all puppy food and I think the puppy kibbles u give is too rich for ur puppy... Try something
with lower protein..

Health, Conditions & Diseases » Any good and cheap scaling for dogs in the East? Jun 15, 2013 12:31 AM (Total replies: 9)
Hi, u can try D'petz Artis located at Ang mo kio
ave 10. They do dental scaling without GA with I think is
More safe then with GA. I send all my 3 doggies
there. Charges are reasonable too and u can be
There to see how they do it.

Introduce Yourself and Your Pets » Advice needed!! Having trouble with 3 months Golden Retriever May 16, 2013 03:06 AM (Total replies: 13)
May I knw how old is ur puppy

Introduce Yourself and Your Pets » Advice needed!! Having trouble with 3 months Golden Retriever May 16, 2013 03:05 AM (Total replies: 13)
Causes of loose poo might be due to over feeding..
U can add in a little steam pumpkin on her diet and off
All the milk products which can cause more watery poo.
Try to skip 1 of her meal and replace by cook rice water see how?

Kitty News & Discussion » Hi, Looking for British Short Hair , Ragdolls & Scottish Fold Kittens Apr 19, 2013 02:21 AM (Total replies: 5)
U can go Serangoon north Pets' Station take a look. They have many kittens breed there. Have Scottish fold short and long hair too... Their BSH is beautiful too

Guinea Pig News and Discussion » Recommendations for Guinea Pigs Boarding Place Apr 12, 2013 06:42 PM (Total replies: 2)
U can try D'petz Artist at blk 555 Ang Mo Kio ave 10. Tel:
6459 1143

Supplies, Accessories & Housing Environment » Anyone knows where to get Innova Evo Chicken Turkey Cat food? Feb 10, 2013 02:56 AM (Total replies: 6)
Hi Sasha

Pets station has bring in the new stock for dat. Do check it out

Kitty News & Discussion » Where can I get a ragdoll kitten Jan 22, 2013 03:02 PM (Total replies: 23)
Hi peers,
I went to pets station at Serangoon North and saw they have some kitten there. They also have rag doll, raga muffin and Scottish fold and Bengal. The shop assistant told me they will have Britsh Blue maybe 1st week of Feb.. Oo... Can't wait to see them. Exteremly beautiful. Keen on one of the Scottish fold kitten but too bad is sold.

Introduce Yourself and Your Pets » Tiger the Siberian Husky reporting!! Aug 9, 2012 01:07 AM (Total replies: 23)
Hi Junior,

How to add my husky to :

Dog Boarding, Sitting and Taxi » Dog boarding in the East Aug 2, 2012 01:41 AM (Total replies: 19)
U can try royal pets paradise at east coast.. I board my buddies there too.
U need to bring ur own pet food and they provide 2walks per day...
Have tried other boarding service in Pasir Ris area but find RPP better

Introduce Yourself and Your Pets » Tiger the Siberian Husky reporting!! Aug 2, 2012 01:35 AM (Total replies: 23)
I have a male husky too... Pls add me..


Introduce Yourself and Your Pets » Border Collie Owners in Singapore Jun 7, 2012 07:30 AM (Total replies: 10)
Hi, I have 2border collies. 1male n 1 female.

Diet, Nutrition & Supplements » Home Cook Food for Dogs Feb 15, 2012 09:52 AM (Total replies: 12)
Hey shujuan, how's ur buddy? Have u tried lemongrass to wash him? It is gd.

Diet, Nutrition & Supplements » Home Cook Food for Dogs Feb 15, 2012 09:49 AM (Total replies: 12)
Got it satan_gal.

Diet, Nutrition & Supplements » Home Cook Food for Dogs Feb 15, 2012 09:09 AM (Total replies: 12)

Am thinking maybe they can make it like tingkat for human as monthly basics if not every delivery need to pay another $3 for delivery is kind of ex lah.
$3 X 26 days = $78 for delivery only.
With dat amount i can buy many many treats for my buddies liao.

At least for the month confirm got buz.

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