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Singapore Pets Channel Loss of appetite after giving birth, Guinea Pigs' Health & Diet, Guinea Pigs
Forum Home » Guinea Pigs » Guinea Pigs' Health & Diet » Loss of appetite after giving birth

Loss of appetite after giving birth
(2 replies)
Jun 12, 2007 01:44 PM  
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Life is a song.. Love is the music..

Singapore Sengkang

Since Jun 12, 2007
399 posts
Latte is around 5-6months old when she give birth to Cino a week ago. She has been normal during pregnancy, and the labour was normal. Only 1 baby (Cino) in her first pregnancy. After birth, her weight is 550g, and a week later now is 520g. I was worried that this weight loss means something. I have given her a lot of food, and different kind of vegetables to improve her diet, but I realise she is eating very little, and drink very little too. Likes to sleep.. still active when bring her out of her cage.. Everyday check on her now, and sometimes her bottom will have some liquid.. dun know if this is normal. No diarrhoa.. she still can feed Cino with milk.. But she still to dun bother much about cino. will not reject Cino though. Can someone please let me know if this behaviour is normal? I suspect she has pregnancy toxemic, but she is not overweight. she is very slim now.. I want to bring her to vet, but I was unsure which vet is more better for guinea pigs. Most vet in singapore specialized in dogs.. Will someone let me know which vet clinic to go for? Thanks very much in advance.

Jun 12, 2007 10:46 PM  
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Everything happens for a reason...

Singapore Boon Lay

Since Jun 15, 2006
242 posts
one gd vet im seeing who has gd experience w guinea pigs, is dr.ang frm Vet jalan jurong kecil... pls look under shoppe plc...

hope all turns out ok... take care...
Edited by wirda on Jun 12, 2007 at 10:47 PM

Jun 13, 2007 09:21 AM  
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Life is a song.. Love is the music..

Singapore Sengkang

Since Jun 12, 2007
399 posts
Thanks wirda for your fast reply. I have bought Alfafa Hay for her last night and her response was quite good... This morning she is fatter a little and more active and stronger... Guess I have to keep feeding her this hay meanwhile... but I will still take her to vet for a checkup. Do you know what do vet do when they do a checkup on guinea pig? I'm monitoring closely on her behaviour now.. hopefully she is ok..
Really thanks for your suggestion on vet.

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